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Exodus 1 – The Birth of Deliverance


    Exodus Chapter 1 marks the beginning of the Israelites’ enslavement in Egypt and sets the stage for their eventual deliverance.

    The Growth of Israel in Egypt

    The chapter begins by highlighting the substantial increase in the population of the descendants of Jacob (Israel) who settled in Egypt. They multiplied greatly and became exceedingly strong.

    Pharaoh’s Oppression

    A new Pharaoh arises in Egypt who does not know Joseph. He fears the Israelites’ numbers and imposes harsh oppression upon them, subjecting them to forced labor.

    Midwives’ Courage and God’s Blessing

    Two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, fear God and refuse to carry out Pharaoh’s command to kill Hebrew male infants. God blesses them for their courage and righteousness.

    Pharaoh’s Decree to Drown Male Infants

    Frustrated by the midwives’ disobedience, Pharaoh issues a decree to all his people, commanding them to cast every Hebrew male child into the river.

    Moses’ Birth and Rescue

    Amidst this dark time, a Levite woman gives birth to a son and hides him for three months. Unable to conceal him any longer, she places him in a basket and sets it afloat on the river, entrusting him to God’s providence.

    Pharaoh’s Daughter and Moses’ Adoption

    Pharaoh’s daughter discovers the baby in the basket and is moved with compassion. She decides to adopt him as her own and names him Moses, meaning “drawn out.”

    Lessons from Exodus Chapter 1

    Exodus Chapter 1 teaches us valuable lessons:

    • God’s people may face oppression and adversity, but He remains faithful and brings deliverance.
    • Courageous acts of obedience to God can result in His blessing and favor.
    • Even in the darkest times, God’s providence and protection are evident.

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