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Genesis 17 – Covenant and Circumcision


    Genesis chapter 17 recounts a significant event in Abraham’s life as God establishes an everlasting covenant with him, solidifying his role as the father of many nations.

    The Covenant Promised

    In Genesis 17:1-2, God appears to Abram, promising abundant fruitfulness and establishing an everlasting covenant.

    The Covenant Sign

    As a sign of the covenant, Genesis 17:10-11 reveals that every male child in Abraham’s household must be circumcised.

    A Change in Name

    God changes Abram’s name to Abraham in Genesis 17:5, signifying his role as the father of nations.

    Promised Descendants

    God assures Abraham that he will be the father of nations, with kings descending from him (Genesis 17:6).

    Sarah’s Promise

    God promises that Abraham’s wife Sarai will conceive a son named Isaac (Genesis 17:16).

    Abraham’s Response

    Abraham falls on his face before God, entering into an everlasting covenant with Him (Genesis 17:3-4, 17).

    Circumcision as an Everlasting Covenant

    Circumcision is established as an everlasting covenant, representing the relationship between God and Abraham’s descendants (Genesis 17:13).

    Our Relationship with God

    Genesis 17 highlights the importance of obedience and developing a personal relationship with God.

    Promoting Bible Reading with NKJV

    The New King James Version (NKJV) is a reliable translation that retains the beauty and accuracy of the King James Version while using modern language. It facilitates a meaningful connection with God’s Word.


    Genesis chapter 17 demonstrates God’s faithfulness in establishing an everlasting covenant with Abraham and emphasizes the significance of obedience in our relationship with Him. The covenant sign of circumcision symbolizes God’s enduring promises. Through reading the Bible, especially the NKJV, we can deepen our understanding and connection with God’s Word.

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