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Genesis 47 – Crisis and Leadership


    Genesis chapter 47 depicts Joseph’s wise and strategic leadership during a time of severe famine in Egypt.

    Joseph’s Management of the Crisis

    Joseph, aware of the gravity of the situation, implements measures to address the famine’s impact on Egypt and its people.

    Joseph’s Role as Pharaoh’s Right Hand

    Genesis 47:13-15 reveals how Joseph collects all the money in the land and brings it to Pharaoh’s house.

    He then exchanges the people’s livestock for food, demonstrating his resourcefulness and ability to navigate the crisis.

    The People’s Surrender

    As the famine intensifies, the people of Egypt come before Joseph, acknowledging their desperate situation and their dependence on him for survival.

    Joseph’s Redistribution of Land

    Genesis 47:20-21 highlights Joseph’s redistributive approach to the crisis. He exchanges the people’s land for food, ensuring their sustenance.

    Joseph secures the people’s loyalty to Pharaoh, establishing a system where they become servants of the king.

    Promoting Bible Reading with NKJV

    The New King James Version (NKJV) offers an accurate and readable translation for diving into the Scriptures.

    By reading the NKJV, individuals can explore the depths of Genesis chapter 47, gaining insights into Joseph’s leadership and the challenges faced during times of crisis.


    Genesis chapter 47 showcases Joseph’s wisdom and strategic management during a severe famine.

    By engaging with the New King James Version, readers can delve into the timeless lessons of leadership and God’s providence in challenging circumstances.

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