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Exodus 6 – Promise & Commission


    Exodus 6 is a turning point where God reaffirms His covenant and appoints Moses as leader.

    God’s Promise (Exodus 6:1-9)

    God assures Moses of deliverance from Egypt. He reaffirms His covenant with their forefathers.

    Despite initial doubt, God encourages trust. Moses conveys hope to the despondent Israelites.

    Moses’ Commission (Exodus 6:10-13)

    God commissions Moses to demand Israel’s release from Pharaoh. Moses finds strength in God’s reaffirmation.

    Genealogy of Moses and Aaron (Exodus 6:14-30)

    The chapter authenticates Moses and Aaron’s leadership roles through genealogy.

    Promoting Bible Reading in NKJV

    The New King James Version enriches understanding, spiritual growth, and connection with God’s Word.


    Exodus 6 showcases God’s faithfulness and Moses’ pivotal role. Trust God’s promises and embrace the NKJV. Let us explore the profound truths of Exodus 6 and find strength in trusting God’s promises, knowing that He is always faithful to His Word. Embracing the NKJV enriches the reading experience, inspiring faith and obedience to God’s calling, and fosters spiritual growth and transformation.

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