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Exodus 7 – Divine Power


    Exodus chapter 7 marks a significant juncture in the narrative of the Israelites’ liberation from Egypt. This chapter showcases the unfolding of God’s divine plan and the role of Moses as the chosen leader and spokesperson.

    Confrontation with Pharaoh

    In Exodus 7:2-3, God conveys His command to Moses, instructing him to stand before Pharaoh as God’s representative. Moses is given the authority to perform miraculous signs that would manifest God’s power and authority over both Egypt and its ruler.

    The Staff and the Serpent

    As seen in Exodus 7:10-12, Moses’ staff transforms into a serpent before Pharaoh, displaying God’s supremacy.

    The Plague of Blood

    Exodus 7:19-20 narrates how Moses is commanded to turn the Nile’s water into blood, showing God’s judgment.

    Hardened Hearts

    Despite witnessing the miracles, Pharaoh’s heart remains obstinate, as Exodus 7:22-23 points out.

    The Message of Exodus 7

    This chapter underscores God’s sovereignty and Moses’ role as His instrument for deliverance.

    Embracing God’s Power

    Exodus 7 reinforces the impact of divine interventions. Engage with the NKJV version for deeper understanding.

    Invitation to Bible Reading

    Read Exodus 7 in the NKJV Bible to deepen your spiritual insight and connect with God’s transformative word.

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