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Genesis 14 – Kings Clash, Abraham Prevails


    Genesis chapter 14 recounts a significant event: Abram’s victorious rescue of his nephew Lot.

    Abram’s Encounter with Kings

    Genesis 14:1-2

    In the days of kings, including Chedorlaomer, they waged war against Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Lot’s Capture and Abram’s Pursuit

    Genesis 14:12-13

    Lot, living in Sodom, was taken captive. A survivor informed Abram near Mamre.

    Abram’s Brave Rescue

    Genesis 14:14-16

    Abram armed his 318 trained servants, pursued the captors, and defeated them.

    Encounter with Melchizedek

    Genesis 14:18-20

    Melchizedek, king of Salem, blessed Abram, recognizing God’s deliverance, and received a tithe.


    Genesis chapter 14 reveals Abram’s courageous rescue of Lot and his encounter with Melchizedek. Through Bible reading using the New King James Version, we gain deeper insights into this chapter.

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