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Genesis 15 – God’s Covenant with Abram

    God’s Promise to Abram

    In Genesis chapter 15, God reassures Abram of His covenant, providing him with a firm guarantee. Additionally, God promises Abram descendants as numerous as the stars, solidifying His commitment to him. (Genesis 15:5) Remarkably, Abram’s unwavering belief in God’s promise leads to his righteousness being credited to him. (Genesis 15:6)

    Abram’s Question and God’s Response

    Despite his trust in God, Abram raises a valid concern regarding his lack of an heir and the possibility of his servant, Eliezer, inheriting his possessions. (Genesis 15:2-3) However, God swiftly addresses Abram’s uncertainty, assuring him that his biological child will indeed become his rightful heir. (Genesis 15:4)

    The Covenant Ceremony

    To reinforce His covenant with Abram, God instructs him to gather specific animals for a sacred sacrifice. Diligently following God’s command, Abram prepares the offering, patiently awaiting God’s divine presence while slipping into a deep sleep.

    The Vision and the Promise

    In a momentous vision, God materializes before Abram, disclosing that his descendants will endure a period of foreignness and enslavement for four centuries. (Genesis 15:13) Nevertheless, God affirms that He will execute judgment on the nation responsible for their oppression and ensure that Abram’s offspring emerges with great wealth. (Genesis 15:14)

    The Sign of the Covenant

    Within this chapter, God establishes a symbol to seal His covenant with Abram. Specifically, He directs Abram to present a three-year-old female cow, a three-year-old female goat, a three-year-old ram, a turtledove, and a young pigeon. (Genesis 15:9-10) Abram follows the instructions, dividing the animals except for the birds.

    God’s Presence and the Covenant

    As Abram anticipates, a smoking oven and a burning torch pass through the divided animal parts, representing the tangible presence of God. (Genesis 15:17) This powerful display signifies the unconditional nature of God’s covenant, underscoring that only God Himself assumes responsibility for its fulfillment.

    Abram’s Faith and Righteousness

    Genesis 15 portrays Abram as a man who wholeheartedly entrusted himself to God’s promises, exhibiting unwavering faith in God’s faithfulness. Due to his resolute belief, Abram’s righteousness is imputed to him by God.

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